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How Much Should You Spend On Home Improvement

It is a general fact that home improvement can tremendously increase the face value of your home. However, before making these improvements, you should check out first if the cost can actually bring you a profitable return. Repairs are seen as additional investments, and do not guarantee that you can make a sizable profit out of it. There are parts of the Maryland real estate market where home sales have rebounded, given that it is a buyers market, remodeling your Maryland home can improve your chances of selling your house.

Here are some aspects that you should think and weigh upon before making home improvement:
Know the areas of the house that is in dire need of improvement. Remember that the bathroom and the kitchen are huge selling point of the house. If these areas need improvement, you may call a reliable Maryland home remodeling contractor.

Make some comparison with the selling values of the homes on your neighborhood. If you are making major repairs, do not base it on the neighbor’s home. Repair only the areas that really need improvement.

Find out the total projected cost for the improvement, particularly on the kitchen or the bathroom. You may also talk to a Maryland kitchen remodeling contractors to see how much the actual cost could be.

Eliminate any bugs or termites residing beneath wood and carpeted surfaces. Making them stay will only make your improvements come into naught.

You can consult a real estate agent to supply you with a comparative analysis on the possible actual selling value of your home. In this way, you can project how much you can spend on home improvement.

The two most common areas in the house that needs improvement are usually the kitchen and the bathroom. In the kitchen, here are some fixtures that should be repaired if there is a need for it:

Kitchen cabinets – These are the first thing that can be seen on the kitchen. If these items are remodeled, it can attract buyers.

Kitchen appliances – New appliances attracts prospective buyers. This is because they won’t spend time on purchasing kitchen appliances anymore as this is available in your remodeled kitchen.

Sinks made of stainless steel – If the sinks appear shiny and new, then it adds attractiveness to your kitchen appearance.

Floor Tiles and backsplash – Freeing them from any stain or molds and making them shiny as new can also attract prospective buyers.

The bathroom can be the smallest place in the house and yet can really add a huge return on investment when it is improved to look as brand new. Here are few fixtures that may need improvement:

* Bathroom Cabinets
* Bathroom sinks
* Toilet bowls
* Bath tubs
* Towel rack
* Tissue and toothbrush holders
* Mirrors
* Bathroom tiles and flooring
* Bathroom windows and shades
* Lighting
* Showers
* Heaters
* Other decorations such as candle holder for scented candles

If these fixtures are remodeled and are visually appealing or attractive, it can create more impact on the selling price of your home. The items mentioned above should be artistically drawn together to make a simple theme or perhaps a quiet statement.

Tips to Cut Down your Electricity Bill

Need to cut down on your home wasted expenses and economize more money? As an online LED lighting store in Australia, we will give you some tips to start saving on electricity. Many small details can be fixed to minimize your electricity bill, all you have to do is to change some of your habits. The following tips dont only let you save money, but also protect the environment:

Replace incandescent and halogen light bulbs with energy saving LED light bulbs: For the time being, the most common type of lights used to save energy is the fluorescent light bulb. Lately, LED light bulbs have started to pick up too; they are up to ten times more effective than fluorescent lights, and way more energy efficient than the conventional lights. Whereas, conventional lighting – like incandescent and halogen lights- contains mercury and other toxic substances, LED lights are made of non-toxic materials which make them 100% recyclable and harmless for the environment. So, go to the nearest LED lighting store or order them online to replace all your ceiling lights and bathroom lights with LED lighting products to save energy.

Prevent power loss by switching off power points when electronics are not being used: plugged electronics, even when turned off, keep on consuming energy without your knowledge. For example, up to 30% of power used by TV is consumed when it is turned off. Therefore, to prevent losing energy and money, better to unplug it from the electricity outlet when not in use. Even when using LED lighting, which is the most efficient lighting solution, make sure the lights are off during the day and every time you exit a room at night.

Turn non-essential electricity off when on holidays or away: This tip is close to the previous one, but on a larger scale. When you are on holidays or out of town for business or on any other occasion, many electronic devices are not essential to keep turned on, so unplug them. The only thing you can actually leave plugged is the refrigerator, but only if its full of stocked food.

Make the most out of only one LED light bulb per room: on many occasions, we can see a room with many light bulbs to optimize the lighting experience. However, each room needs only one LED light bulb to fully illuminate it, depending on the light output of each bulb. The latter notion is called lumens/watt, which tells you how efficient the LED light bulb is. On the other hand, several bulbs in one room mean a bigger consumption of energy. Heres a trick on how to maximize your lighting using only one LED globe or LED spotlight: paint your walls with white colors this color reflects the light from the LED light fixtures more than any other color causing a better brightness.

Those were some of the many other things each and every one of us could and should apply at home to save on electrical energy and contribute in protecting the environment. Replacing the conventional lights with saving energy LED light bulbs and switching off non-used electronics can make you save on your electricity bill. So act fast, save energy, save your money and protect the environment.

Tools Homeowners Need In The Tool Box

Whether you’re building a new home or buying an older resale home, chances are, you’ll want to put your own personal stamp on your home and make it your own. That usually means taking on some home improvement projects. To safeguard your investment and protect the resale value of your home, you’ll also want to stay on top of the basic home maintenance tasks that will keep your home looking good and running smoothly. Taking care of the small things as they arise will help eliminate the need for major repairs later. This will involve time, some good old-fashioned elbow grease and a well-stocked tool box. Having the right tools on hand will make the job both faster and easier.
Essential Tools for the Homeowner’s Tool Box

If you don’t already have a set of tools, you’ll need to build a basic tool kit to handle those home maintenance tasks and home improvement projects around the house. If you already have a tool box, you may want to check the list and stock up on any items you may be lacking. Having the essential tools on hand will save time and eliminate emergency trips to the hardware or home improvement store; you’ll be ready to handle almost any job you’re confident enough to tackle – from hanging artwork to unclogging a drain. The recommended tool list varies from expert to expert, but these are the tools that professionals most consistently recommend for the homeowner’s tool kit:
Tool Checklist

* Screwdrivers – Phillips #1 and #2 sizes, Flat – small, medium and large from 1/8 to 1/2 or consider a multi-screwdriver which has a regular screwdriver handle with a socket for inserting various types of drive bits. Many jobs involve tightening and loosening screws like assembling furniture, tightening knobs, mounting shelving or heavy artwork and small electrical jobs.
* Hammer – 16-ounce for men or 14-ounce for women, either wood or fiberglass shaft with a claw end. A hammer is essential for a variety of jobs including hanging artwork, installing moldings, and driving and pulling out nails in small building projects.
* Cordless Drill/Driver – a 14.4 volt model should be suitable for home use and provide plenty of torque for most projects. You may find that you’ll reach for your drill more often than any other tool. Besides drilling pilot holes and installing wall anchors, your drill can be used with driver bits to drive screws for heavy artwork, mirrors and shelving.
* Drill Kit with various twist and masonry bits and square, torx and hex tips.
* Tape Measure – 25-ft. retractable tape measure to measure for window treatments, mirror/art placement, small building projects and outdoor projects.
* Level – basic torpedo level indicates horizontal and vertical plumb. A must for hanging artwork, mirrors and molding straight and leveling outdoor hardscaping/paths and porch railings.
* Combination Square – for marking measurements, drawing and cutting perpendicular lines.
* Pencils – for marking and figuring dimensions
* Pliers – needlenose, slip-joint and 12 lock-jaw pliers. Pliers act as an extension of your fingers – only stronger. Use them to grasp and hold objects.
* Adjustable Wrench – 12 and 8 crescent wrenches, pipe wrench. Wrenches are used for turning bolt heads or nuts. You may need one for tightening the kids’ toys or the legs on the kitchen table.
* Allen Wrenches or Hex Keys – 2 sets, one standard and one metric. Often needed for putting together bicycles and unassembled furniture or storage pieces.
* Clamps – assorted types, basic-C clamps, 2 – 4 bar clamps with squeeze clutch, a small portable vise. Clamps are made for holding parts together while the glue dries.
* Utility Knife with Sharp Blades – for opening boxes, cutting dry wall repairing window screens and removing old caulk.
* All-Purpose Knife – folding, locking pocket knife for cutting, opening, marking, scraping, trimming, whittling, scoring and puncturing.
* Razor Knife with Replaceable Blades – for scraping paint off of windows.
* Scissors – heavy-duty scissors for cutting rope, cording, small gauge wire and plant stems.
* Knife Sharpener – simple carbide-V sharpener to keep the blades of your cutting tools sharp.
* Crosscut Wood Saw – cuts across the grain of the wood for a smooth edge – use for cutting plywood, hardboard panels and making mitered and angled cuts.
* Hacksaw – used for cutting metal, plastic and pipes.
* Metal File – for sharpening large blades.
* Flashlights – handheld lantern-style light and snakelights that wrap around and hold themselves up. Flashlights are vital for emergency lighting in a black-out or if power must be shut off for electrical work, plumbing repairs and seeing into dark cabinets, closets, attics and crawl spaces.
* Non-contact Voltage Tester – safety device for use in electrical projects will flash or chirp when it comes near a hot wire.
* Stud Finder – will help identify where the wall studs are located inside the walls for mounting shelving, closet organizers, cabinets, etc.
* Electrical Tape – for repairing exposed wiring or electrical cords.
* Wire Stripper – removes insulation from electrical wires so they can be twisted together and capped – handy for simple electrical projects like replacing a light fixture.
* Outdoor Extension Cord – an outdoor cord is more versatile since it can be used outdoors and indoors if needed.
* Safety gear – safety glasses and work gloves should be worn for any project involving cutting, sanding, scraping, filing, or chemicals/solvents.
* Plunger – flange plunger for unclogging drains or toilets.
* Vacuum Cleaner – a 6-gallon wet-dry shop vac for cleaning up messes after projects like stripped wallpaper, saw dust, spackle dust or plaster, scraped paint, etc.
* Shop Bucket – large bucket for catching leaks, mixing goop and heavy-duty cleaning jobs.
* Shop Rags – for wiping hands and cleaning up tools and messes after projects.
* Putty Knife – for filling cracks or nail holes.
* Broad-Blade Scraper – for scraping off loose paint
* Sandpaper – an assortment of grits
* Duct Tape – great for temporary repairs of all kinds.
* Wood Glue – for repairing wood items like picture frames and for small building projects.
* Instant Adhesive (Crazy Glue) – all-purpose for adhering a variety of surfaces to one another (plastic, rubber, metal, leather). Watch your fingers!
* Fastener Assortment Kit – organizer containing nails, screws, wall anchors, nuts, bolts, washers, picture hangers, etc. A starter kit will handle a variety of jobs, but you may still need to purchase individual pieces or packs for specific jobs.
* Tool Container – consider a 5-gallon bucket with an apron/organizer to hold tools and removable trays that fit inside to hold smaller items. They’re great for organizing the tools and toting them around.
* Ladder – if the budget allows, purchase two ladders: one light-weight aluminum or fiberglass 2 – 4 ft. stepladder to pull out for quick indoor jobs, and one multi-position ladder (13 ft.) that can be adjusted for use as a staircase ladder indoors and an outdoor extension ladder for painting or roof access.

Granted, this is not a short list, and if you’re a new homeowner, you may not have a lot of extra resources available right now. If that’s the case, and you can’t swing all the items on the list, invest what you can in a good quality set of screwdrivers, a claw hammer, tape measure, level, pliers, an adjustable wrench, a utility knife, cordless drill and drill kit, fastener assortment kit, flashlights, plunger and a ladder. And don’t forget the tool bucket and organizer to keep them in! Then add a new tool to your kit as you can afford it, or on an as-needed basis. I’ll bet that within the first year living in your new home, you’ll have a need for every tool on the list (and maybe a few more).

A special thanks to my personal friend, home improvement consultant and handyman extraordinaire, Handy Hans, for his advice and expert opinion on which tools should make the recommended basic tool kit list! I’d recommend his business and give him a plug, but he tells me he has all the work he can handle right now. And so it goesthe best ones are always busy!

Custom Kitchen Cabinets – Providing Elegance To Your Kitchen

Are you one of those people who love to spend most of their time in the kitchen to cook meals? If yes, then don’t you think that the kitchen is one of the most crucial parts of a home? If you seriously think that it is indeed, then you must know the value of having custom kitchen cabinets in your kitchen. These cabinets help to make the process of cooking meals and storing kitchen products a lot easier than you can even think of.

Nowadays, cabinets are quite common, and can be easily found in almost every kitchen, but the latest trend is of custom kitchen cabinets. And, many people are using them since former comes with the dual advantages of functions and exquisiteness. The greatest advantage of these customized cabinets is that the homeowners can get them manufactured in order to meet their needs and kitchen space. Getting kitchen cabinets manufactured as per your requirements would enable you to give your kitchen a look of your own choice. Moreover, it hardly matters that you are constructing a new kitchen or refurbishing an old one, as having these modern style cabinets can be of great help.

The cabinets are one of the most important parts of kitchen renovation ideas. People with reserved income who cannot manage to pay for an expensive customized cabinetry, can get their existing cabinets refurbished in order to give them a modern look. However, renovating an old one is not an easy job to do, as the entire process requires the expertise of a professional and experienced carpenter. These professionals possess the ability to give a new and refreshing look to old cabinets and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings.

By kitchen renovation or installing new custom cabinets, the entire look of your home and kitchen can get changed pretty quickly, and will also add value to it. Another advantage of using these cabinets is that they provide the best possible solution, when the space of the kitchen is very less. These kinds of cabinets can expertly utilize the limited space and provide an elegant look at the same time. It is like adding a delicate feel to the kitchen and making it look special and distinctive from other’s kitchen. However, in order to get the best kitchen cabinets, you must hire a professional company, which possesses experience and holds expertise in manufacturing and installing these modern kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Sinks and Faucets

Kitchen sinks and faucets have come a long way since the days of the single rectangle bowl with standard faucets and knobs. Today’s kitchens are not just about function; they are also about beauty and design. Depending on your specific needs and style preferences, there are hundreds of models to choose from.

Some kitchens are busier than others and require additional sink space for cooking and cleaning. Others don’t see much use and can get by with a much smaller sink area, especially in condos and apartments. Designs cover all needs with sinks that come in single, double or triple bowls, and corner sink units that allow you to save valuable counter space in an already crowded area.

Sinks today are made from many different materials. Of course, there is the standard stainless steel seen in so many homes due to the fact that is the least expensive option, and it’s durable, resistant to stains, and easy to keep clean. However, on the higher end of the designer scale there are materials such as fireclay, granite and acrylic that add a decorative touch to the kitchen. Acrylic comes in several colors and even comes with an anti-microbial surface that helps to fight damage caused by mold, mildew and bacteria.

There are many sizes and shapes to choose from as well. Kitchen sinks can be round, oval, square or rectangle and can be configured side-by-side as most are, or in an L or diamond shape, depending on your preference and your space constraints. The most common ways to mount a kitchen sink are either from the bottom up or drop-in. Drop-in sinks are lowered into a pre-cut hole and form a lip around the edges of the counter top. Under mounting a kitchen sink, that is mounting from under the counter, brings the sink top flush with the counter and gives your room a more finished designer look.

Just as kitchen sinks have come a long way, so have the faucets. Today you can find a huge assortment of faucets that fit every taste and need, including goose neck faucets, pot fillers and even hands-free faucets equipped with infrared technology. Faucets come in a wide assortment of styles ranging from Victorian to contemporary and are made from such metals and alloys as chrome, brass, copper, nickel and gold.

With so many choices, shopping for a new kitchen sink and faucets to complete your new kitchen look can be quite an enjoyable experience.

What Benefits Can You Expect When You Opt For Laminate Flooring

One of the simplest ways of changing the look of your home is flooring. We all love our homes. That is why you spend so much time, thinking about each and every aspect of indoor decoration. Your house indoors looks beautiful only when the walls, the furniture, the lighting and Flooring Sydney come together in a pleasing fashion. When it comes to flooring, you do have several options. The different types are – ceramic, resilient, stone, laminate and hardwood flooring.
Each and every type of Flooring Sydney has its own appeal. We are big fans of Laminate Flooring. If you are looking at different Flooring Sydney options, perhaps you would like to know more about Laminate Flooring Sydney. Some of its features are amazing and extremely practical. Each of these features has great many benefits that will impress you right away. The first feature about Laminate Flooring is that it is among cheapest options among all the Laminate Flooring choices you have in front of you. Why should you consider spending less money on Laminate Flooring? As it turns out, there are some solid reasons for that.
Think of any occasion when you were your visiting cousins or friends. Do you remember the Flooring Sydney style of the home? Unless you are specifically looking for it, you won’t remember the Laminate Flooring Sydney style they had in their home. On top of that, it is possible that you will be making extensive use of carpets all over your house. When you add in the fact that much of your home is going to be occupied by furniture, you hardly notice the Flooring Sydney. You could have the most elaborate designs on your floor, hardly anyone would notice. If nobody is going to notice your home Flooring Sydney, there is no point is spending so much money on Laminate Flooring alone.
We have told you that Laminate Flooring Sydney is inexpensive. This does not mean that it ‘looks’ cheap. A majority of your home visitors may never notice the Laminate Flooring Sydney in your home. Some people do. This is why Laminate Flooring Sydney does have some style to present. It may not blow your mind, but it won’t make you hide behind the curtains in shame either. It is what we would like to call ‘just sufficient’.
Another important factor is that, you can always replace the carpets in your home. You cannot do that with Laminate Flooring. Once you have spent money on Laminate Flooring Sydney, it stays that way. The last feature of Laminate Flooring is its ability to be cleaned. By far, laminate Flooring is the easiest to clean. If you have lots of kids in your home, take our word for it. Laminate Flooring Sydney is going to be like a pleasant summer gift for you.
For more information about Flooring Sydney please click here

How to Remodel Your Kitchen, Bedroom and Dining Halls

Remodeling of your kitchen

However, it is must that you get top notch kitchen faucets because if
they are not made of good quality materials they would leak. And you can
imagine how irritating it is when your faucet leaks. Therefore, you
need to use your spare time in finding out quality kitchen faucets that
would be not only affordable but also durable.

In kitchen you
also need to install good quality stands to carry your kitchen
equipments. If you do not do this your kitchen accessories may be
damaged that would increase the cost of remodeling your home indirectly.

Remodeling bedrooms

Remodeling of
bedrooms is a great idea which many home owners forget to apply. Your
bedroom is a place that provides you relief when you are tired.
Therefore, for your bedroom you need to get soft quality mattresses. You
also need to give time in installing or replacing windows. For
bedrooms, you can use tinted glass windows because they would prevent
ultra-violet rays that come from Sun. Because you may have many bedrooms
in your home, you may plan what types of windows you may need for
different bedrooms at your home. Normally, homeowners do not concentrate
on windows of their bedrooms because they do not take them seriously.
Therefore, if you want a comfortable bedroom you need to use your spare
time in making your bedroom not only good looking but also comfortable.

Remodeling of your dining hall

Dining hall is also a very important part of your home and you need to
make it good looking. For giving a good looking shape to your dining
hall you can select good quality linens, tea tables, dining tables and
other accessories. However, your dining hall may occupy some other
things e.g. televisions, sofa sets and other relaxable chairs but it may
not look fully occupied. Therefore, when you remodel you dining hall,
you should select all the things very carefully.

Many people
forget their dining halls when they remodel their homes because they
think if they install quality tables, and accessories at their dining
halls it may be occupied. However, it is not the case in reality.
Remodeling means putting all the things in a good manner to give a good
looking shape to your home. It does not mean only relocating all the
things. Therefore, if you think that remodeling of your home is not
possible without a home decor, you need to change your mind completely.
Follow the things and remodel your home without any home decor.

Choose The Right Kind Of Timber Flooring For Your Home

Timber flooring has been the choice of many people from a very long time. It gives the home a very different and fresh look. With the passing of time this trend also faded away and today there are different kinds of floorings that are available in different price ranges. Now-a-days people have adopted to put carpets and do tiling on the floor. Recently there has been an increase among the people to go back to the old days and they prefer timber flooring as it looks quite natural than tiling or putting a carpet on the floor.

The timber used for flooring comes in different types. It ranges from oak flooring to bamboo, cedar, northern red, ironwood, jarra, etc. It depends upon you how you select your wood and the kind of look that you want for your home. You can select from the entire range of timbers and get the natural and attractive look for your house.

There are various ways in which the floor made of timber is installed in your home. Firstly, there are the floating floors. In this kind of flooring the oak floor is installed on top of the kind of flooring that is already there, be it concrete or some kind of flooring. An underlay is also done in order to reduce the noise. There are also structural timber flooring in which the professionals install the oak floor or any other and laid it on the joists and bearer of the house. It takes time as the wood takes time t get accustomed to the climate in which it will be laid.

There are also other kinds of flooring such as parquetry flooring, tongue as well as groove floorings and also direct stick. You want to get certain kind of wood flooring but as you shop around and research more you would come out with so many options which will help you in making your home look amazing.

With new ideas and innovation you can now laminate your wooden flooring. You can get water proof timber flooring by laminating your floor. There are various benefits of laminating your timber floor. The most important benefit is that the floor becomes scratch resistant. The floor will not get faded with repetitive cleaning process. The installation process is very easy as they are symmetrical shape. They are also replaceable and durable.

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Interior Design London UK

Whatever your interest in interior design, London is likely to
have what you are looking for. Maybe you are seeking inspiration and
imaginative tips on interior design for your own home or you are an
interior designer and want to promote your own work, or perhaps you want
to hire the services of a professional designer or even study interior
design yourself, no matter what your need is, there is no better place
to satisfy it than from the design capital of the UK itself, London.

Visiting Exhibitions in London

hosts a number of exciting exhibitions every year, some of which focus
on a specific area of interior design and others that are broader in
their approach. Exhibitions serve many purposes, they can showcase new
talent and fresh ideas from up and coming interior designers often
alongside the work of already well established and highly sought after
designers in the industry, they highlight the latest fashions and
trends, spark new creative ways of thinking, provide opportunities to
network and increase business sales and of course they offer the chance
to view the work of some of the best interior designers in the world.

The following list represents just three Interior Design Exhibitions that regularly take place in London:

100 Percent Design – Exhibition usually takes place in September over 3
days and is open to the general public on one of those days. More
information can be found at

Decorex – This exhibition also takes place each September but is only
for trade and professionals in the interior design industry. Details of
the next exhibition can be found at

New Designers Exhibition – opens to the public and exhibits the work of
thousands of new and up and coming designers every July. You can find
out more information from

are of course many other exhibitions taking place throughout the year
and a list of them can be viewed on The British Interior Design
Association website at

Hiring a professional Interior Designer

of us would like to transform our own home and although we may start
out with great ideas and intentions, quite a few of us never actually
get around to doing anything about it. Hiring a professional interior
designer is one way of getting it done and if you don’t have someone in
mind already; one place to start looking is The British Interior Design
Association. The BDA keep a list on their site of interior designers
who are either registered members or associated members.

members are the most qualified and have the most experience as in order
to get registered they have to satisfy the Association’s strict
criteria. An Associate member has to have been working in the industry
for at least a year and will have passed the association’s interview
process for membership. You can search for an interior designer at

Another option is The Interior Design Handbook website at,
where you can search a list of potential designers by location as well
as speciality. You will also be able to view their profiles online.

Studying Interior design in London

offers hundreds of courses on various aspects of interior design
starting from the most basic right through to graduate degrees and
beyond and so finding the right one can seem like a daunting task but it
needn’t be if you know where to look.

A small sample of interior design schools in London include:

o The KLC school of Design

o The AIU School of Interior Design

o The Interior Design School

You could also try searching for other courses at,
which is the official guide to all the different adult education
courses on offer throughout London. UCAS will also be able to provide
you with comprehensive information on different undergraduate courses
that are interior design related and what colleges and universities are
offering these courses.

Why London for Interior Design?

attracts a wealth of talent and creative thinking within the interior
design Industry and is an important springboard for launching the very
latest designs from some of the best interior designers in the world.
London also provides endless opportunities for up and coming interior
designers to showcase and promote their own work and can be a source of
inspiration for anyone interested in interior design at any level.

Quality Kitchen Cabinets at Value Pricing

With winter fast approaching and the economy still in turmoil, it
looks like more and more Americans will be hunkering down and staying
put at home this cold weather season. But being confined indoors doesn’t
have to lead to cabin fever. A little kitchen updating-including the
addition of new kitchen cabinets-can give your home that winter getaway
appeal without your ever having to fill the gas tank or brave icy roads.

that you’re thinking? Quality kitchen cabinets are going to cost you a
fortune-money you just don’t have right now with holiday shopping and
heating bills looming right around the corner? Well, stop that
self-defeating thinking right now. Armed with the right shopping
strategy, you can find quality kitchen cabinets at value pricing.

ask the folks over at ARAcontent. They recently published an article
titled “E-value-ating Your Shopping Strategy for Quality Kitchen
Cabinets,” so they ought to know. What advice did they offer therein?

choosing cabinetry, there are certain characteristics homeowners should
look for,” said certified kitchen and bathroom designer and director of
design, Connie Edwards. Those characteristics include:

Finishes – Look for kitchen cabinet finishes that require minimal care
and upkeep. Lasting durability is key to getting the most out of your
kitchen cabinet investment. A topcoat finish like DuraKraft(TM) is what
you should be looking for. This process is applied, oven-cured and
hand-sanded between coats, for a beautiful, long-lasting finish. And to
get the precise look you’re craving, look for a kitchen cabinet
manufacturer that offers an exquisite palette in a wide range of unique
colors to add warmth to both your kitchen cabinetry and your home.

2. Standard Construction Features – You don’t want
your kitchen cabinet cost savings to come at the expense of the
environment. So search out a kitchen cabinet manufacturer that is
committed to continually improving and advancing its processes and
products as part of its eco-conscious philosophy. Once you have that
peace of mind, evaluate what decorative enhancements the kitchen cabinet
manufacturer offers. Decorative accents, hardware, moldings and glass
inserts can all give your kitchen cabinets a customized look that
reflects your personal style. You’ll save hundreds, even thousands, of
dollars if these enhancements are part of your overall kitchen cabinetry
package as opposed to being bought piecemeal elsewhere.

Warranties – Obviously, a kitchen cabinet manufacturer that prides
itself on high-quality construction will guarantee its products, but not
all warranties are created equal. Many kitchen cabinetry manufacturers
offer limited warranties only. Shop around for a kitchen cabinet
manufacturer that warrants its cabinetry to be free of defects in
material or workmanship for as long as they are owned by the original

4. Retailer Options – Look for a kitchen cabinet
manufacturer that is flexible in its pricing options and that is open to
discussion about its costs. Pricing kitchen cabinetry without knowing
all of the detailed information specific to each kitchen is difficult.
There are so many variables to consider, such as wood species, finish,
storage solutions and moldings, that it is best to discuss pricing with
your kitchen designer before sealing the deal. That way, there will be
no surprises down the road.

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